Escalation by the Israeli Occupation Forces requires international condemnation

حسين الشيخ

The Head of the General Authority of Civil Affairs and the Fatah Central Committee Member, Minister Hussein AlSheikh said today, Thursday, in a statement: “The continued storming of our cities, villages and camps, as well as the targeting of our people and security headquarters, of our brave soldiers and officers, is an expression of the Occupation’s aggression.”

In a press statement, AlSheikh added that the escalation taking place requires us to follow all necessary means to protect our people and members of our security services. The criminal actions committed by the Israeli Occupation Forces also require international condemnation.

Minister AlSheikh’s statements come in the wake of the dangerous escalation committed by an Israeli special force (undercover) affiliated with the occupation army, when they stormed the city of Jenin at dawn today, causing the martyrdom of two Military Intelligence officers and a freed prisoner, and seriously wounding another


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