AlSheikh: We are conducting extensive communications concerning the grave health condition of the prisoner Abu Hamid

حسين الشيخ

Minister Hussein AlSheikh, Fatah Central Committee Member and Head of the General Authority of Civil Affairs, confirmed that extensive communications are being conducted with the Israeli government about the serious health condition of prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid.

AlSheikh tweeted “we are conducting extensive communications with the Israeli government regarding the serious health condition of the prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid, who is seriously ill and suffering, calling for his immediate release to receive the necessary treatment and save his life.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, prisoner Abu Hamid, 49, was suddenly transferred to the Israeli hospital “Barzilai,” according to the Commission of Detainees Affairs.

It is worth noting that the prisoner is still recovering from a surgical operation he underwent last October to remove a cancerous tumor on the lung.


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