AlSheikh announces updates on the Family Unification in the Northern Governorates

حسين الشيخ يستقبل حراك لم الشمل

Minister Al-Sheikh said in a press statement today, Wednesday, regarding the latest developments in the Identity and Address files, that in the “follow-up to what we announced on 30/8/2021 regarding the understandings agreed upon between us and the Israeli side, according to which these files were reworked, the status of 10,000 Palestinian citizens will be settled, including approvals for new identity cards and address change. In accordance with these agreements, we announce today the receipt of a new batch of identity approvals for those who have entered Palestine and failed to obtain a Palestinian identity, as we obtained 1,000 approvals for applicants from the Northern Governorates to obtain a Palestinian identity card and passport.

He added, “Once again, I confirm, as promised, that we are continuing our permanent follow-up in order to achieve, and in the next few days, the rest of the names that were sent in the statements to the Israeli side, which include identities and change of address from all governorates of the country.” Minister AlSheikh also added: “Based on this, it was announced that the General Authority of Civil Affairs in all its directorates in the Southern and Northern Governorates will be open as of today, Wednesday 12/1/2022 to deliver approval letters for the category announced above, and move forward to the Ministry of Interior to complete the procedures for issuing the Palestinian identity card and passport.


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