Al-Sheikh discusses the latest political developments with the representatives of several Latin American nations

hussein alsheikh representatives of Latin American nations

This morning, Wednesday, the Executive Committee of the PLO’s Member, Mr. Hussein Al-Sheikh, met with the representatives of various Latin American nations to the State of Palestine, in his office in Ramallah.

AlSheikh briefed the guests on the latest political developments regarding on the Palestinian arena and the region, including the ongoing Israeli violations, especially in the city of Jerusalem, and the settlement expansion policy that threatens the establishment of the State of Palestine according to the two-state solution.

In turn, the ambassadors unanimously expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people, and their countries’ solid support of the establishment of the State of Palestine in accordance with the two-state solution.

The delegation included the ambassadors: the representative of Chile, Ambassador Christian Hodges-Nugent, the representative of Argentina, Ambassador Martin Lafforgue, the representative of Brazil, Ambassador Alessandro Candeias, the representative of Nicaragua, Ambassador Roberto Jose Morales Fuentes, the representative of Venezuela, Ambassador Maher Taha, the representative of Uruguay, Ambassador Jorge Cassinelli. Among the attendees was also the Director of Mr. AlSheikh’s Office, Mrs. Ayah Al-Muhaisen, and from the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Suad Soboh and Mr. Fares Nakhla.

hussein alsheikh representatives of Latin American nations

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