Al-Sheikh: Netanyahu’s statement on Philadelphi Route requires a unified Palestinian-Arab decision

Hussein AlSheikh speaking

Hussein Al-Sheikh, the Secretary-General of the PLO Executive Committee, asserted today that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent statements about Israel’s intention to regain control over the Philadelphi Route and the Rafah border crossing is indicative of Israel’s plan to re-occupy the Gaza Strip.

Al-Sheikh, in a concise statement on X, said he views this move as “a blatant violation of agreements with Egypt and a termination of all agreements with the PLO.”

Al-Sheikh emphasized the need for “a unified Palestinian and Arab decision to confront the repercussions of this aggressive war.” He highlighted “Netanyahu’s attempts to impose new facts on the ground through these military actions,” calling for a collective response to safeguard Palestinian rights and resist such unilateral measures.


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