President Abbas receives in Ramallah three Israeli lawmakers from the leftist Meretz party

President Abbas receives in Ramallah three Israeli lawmakers

(WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas received last night three members of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, from the leftist Meretz party, two of them ministers in the current Israeli government, during which they discussed peace in the Middle East.

The Israeli delegation included Nitzan Horowitz, head of Meretz party and Minister of Health, Issawi Freij, Minister of Regional Cooperation, and Michal Rosen, Knesset member.

President Abbas stressed the importance of ending the Israeli occupation and establishing just and comprehensive peace as per international resolutions. He also stressed the need to stop settlement construction, military incursions, home demolitions, displacement of people, and return of withheld bodies of Palestinians killed by Israelis.

He also warned against escalating measures against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

The Meretz party delegation stressed their support for the two-state solution, ending the occupation and joint cooperation to build bridges of trust. They also stressed the importance of cooperation in the health sector.


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